Chapter 6: To Kill a Man Again

As the caravan group and the disciples were fighting, Yan Jiu just stood as he recovered. But he would have never thought that the fight would have happened so fast and be a one-sided one.

The Ming Yuan School’s strength is just so strong.

Yan Jiu had once again unfolded his ability to escape. To fight on someone else’s turf is always impractical to do.

“He escaped. ”

“Don’t exaggerate, did you really think he could escape from our palms? Let’s chase!”

During the process of running away, Yan Jiu felt a gust of wind from behind him. He slightly looked behind and saw a green light which was chasing after him. Continue reading

Chapter 5: Unable to Regret

Perhaps when he left Liu Yuan Town, he had already been watched on.

Presently, the group was traveling nearby lakes and rivers. Basically, this experience should be extraordinary. But based from the actions of Yan Jiu, it can be discerned that he was indeed Yan Jiu.

They are thinking that they could use this man in exchange for a pill of Xisui Dan. Having such an excellent opportunity, they naturally did not want to miss this.

Their idea was clearly very cunning. Because, if they apprehend Yan Jiu outside of the city gates, then it would be likely to attract a lot of people. At that time, the Xisui Dan might not go into their hands.

And now that Yan Jiu is alone deep inside the outskirts, they can absolutely capture the enemy easily.

Seeing that there are no signs of the carriage stopping, Yan Jiu turned then suddenly jumped out of the carriage. Continue reading

Chapter 4 : Most Wanted

Yan Jiu left his home. But before leaving, he played a song for Princess Huaixiang. With this, they parted ways.

As for the Yan Clan, he dismissed most of the servants and only left those people who served under them since his childhood to look after their house. He left a sum of money to them which he took out from their treasury.

“Mu Ye, do you think that Yan Jiu could find the Ice Fruit?”

After Yan Jiu left, beside Princess Huaixiang, appeared an old man. His body is stooped, probably about 1.5 meters and when bent over is only about 1.4 meters. And being beside the Princess, their height differ very much. Continue reading

Chapter 3: Ice Fruit

Yan Jiu woke up inside their house.

The first thing he checked was his body in which made him surprised because all of the poison inside his body was already dispersed.

“Could it be that what I heard earlier was not an illusion?If we based it on the smell, could it be that Princess Huaixiang is the one who saved me?”

Yan Jiu was thinking about the reason why would Princess Huaixiang bother to save himself. Suddenly, the door was pushed from the outside as a beautiful figure came in.

Before the person even came in, what came first was the fragrance that he had smelled.

Princess Huaixiang?

Continue reading

Chapter 2: Princess Huaixiang

“How dare that Yan Jiu! Before, people thought that he was just physically weak; turns out that he was just hiding his strength! It’s pretty interesting, but how dare he wound my father. This man should be taught a lesson!”

“Son, how are my legs?”

“I also want your legs to heal; but, there is only a little that I can do for now. But don’t worry, I will also waste his legs to avenge you. There are still a few days away before I join the Ming Yuan School so there is still time to take care of Yan Jiu. ”

“Leave now, go to the Yan Clan! ” Continue reading

Chapter 1 : The Cold Child of Yan Clan

Yan Dang mountain.

Qixia Town.

Yan Clan!

Vast expanse of maple leaves are falling from the trees as the town of Qixia is covered with faint red, red as if it was on fire.

Solitary sounds resounded through the winding paths. A narrow corridor goes through deep within the inner courtyard

Within these sites, there were a few maidservants.

The courtyard in the distance had a lute placed on top of a stone. And sounds that filled the garden came from here. Continue reading